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To help you better understand the Over 25 Goals Tips site we have posted a few of the many testimonials that we have received from grateful members. Please read the testimonials to gain a better understanding of what we offer.

Philipe Gerrera


The tips from Over 25 Goals Tips are 'en fuego' - on fire. I've won my last five bets - over $470 - and I'm looking forward to making even more on future bets.

Hank Mancini

United States

A friend told me about Over 25 Goals Tips and I was little hesitant to join but my friend was right - this site is amazing. I'm winning more bets than ever before and I'm doing a lot less work and a lot less worrying. Great site.

Paul Papp


The money I'm earning off the tips I receive from Over 25 Goals Tips has really helped me out financially. Now I don't have to worry so much about having the money to pay the bills each month.

Ava Bronsan

United Kingdom

I won $780 on my very first bet using a tip from Over 25 Goals Tips. That more than paid for the membership and then some. I'm loving this site.

Joseph Balogh


I can see fear in my bookie's eyes when he sees me coming now - that's how often I'm winning now. Joining Over 25 Goals Tips was the best decision I've ever made - even better than marrying my wife!

Gustav Gashi


I won 345 EUR, followed that up with 505 EUR and then topped that with 870 EUR - and that's all from just two weeks. If keep going at this rate I'm going to be able to afford that new car I've had my eye on. I owe all my success to the tips from Over 25 Goals Tips.

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